About Us

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"Where East Meats West" In the spring of 1995 Mike Tanner known for his love of Jerky pursued his dream of going into the jerky business. Together with his wife Heidi Jo they established Heidi Jo's Jerky. Using only top quality beef and time tested recipes the company continues to grow and expand. Now offering a variety of Beef and Exotic Jerkys, Beef Sticks, Hot Sauces, Spices, and much much more. Tanner still enjoys meeting and greeting new and long time customers as he travels the East Coast and beyond tantalizing the taste buds of the most discerning JERKY lovers. Thus their motto "Where East Meats West" You can find Heidi Jo's Jerky displayed in their unique eye-catching western decor at State Fairs, Festivals, Expositions and Malls. Stop in for a taste and say hi!